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First Signs of Spring... Planting herbs and picnicking in the vegetable garden

Spring has arrived in the vineyard. It actually arrived about a month ago, half way through winter and we have become used to the carpets of wild flowers and blossom covered trees.

Along with spring in the middle of winter came the first gathering of children, mothers and teachers eager to play between the vines, explore the grounds and learn through the day-to-day activities of the "Ktima".

We started the day with our usual circle in the olive grove, where we gather before embarking on the day's activities.

We wander down the path leading to the animals and the vegetable garden and today is the first time the children will be planting here.

The teachers have marked out an area for the children using sticks and have brought fresh soil and herbs to plant. They've hidden the tools across the site to set off the process with a game of hide and seek. The children scatter to find the tools and get down to work.

Our picnic today is right there, in the vegetable garden and it feels well earned.

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