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Mud Glorious Mud

The title pretty much sums up what we got up to today. There had been heavy rain during the night, but now the sun is out and everything is back to normal. We head down to the hens where we find the first significant muddy puddle and they are off! Two boys begin stamping about and looking at the marks their footprints make. They soon notice the tracks from the tractor that had driven through earlier in the day and this leads them to search for other traces in the mud and there are a few. All the residents of our toy farm have been through the mud today; the dog and the pony and now the hens are out scraping away looking for worms.

There is more splashing and digging until one boy’s wellies get so stuck someone has to come to the rescue and pull him out! The herb garden seems very well watered after the rain and the children agree that it doesn'tneed any extra water today.

The teachers have a surprise for the children back at the schoolroom. Cardboard boxes and... More mud! After they have had their fill of plastering the boxes with mud and paint they decide to turn one into a table for their outdoor kitchen. Time for a game of mud cooking... yum!

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